Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's a BOY !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone !!

I am very glad to share the happiest moment of my life that my prince has arrived on Friday Nov 8th.

Though it was a painful labor which started with a normal delivery process it ended up with an emergency C- section as his head got stuck. But thank God my baby is safe in our hands now.

Im really busy with him and not sure how often i would touch my hook.. though i would visit your lovely works now and then.

Take care..

With Love,

Friday, 11 October 2013

Baby Sweater !!!

Hello Everyone.. 

Its festival time in India and a very happy Navaratri to all. My big day is nearing and really scared about it. Ahh im already getting nightmares on it. Just 15 - 20 more days to go for the new one to arrive and cant wait. Just trying to keep myself busy by crocheting baby stuff. 

I had this wonderful Stylecraft Aran yarn ordered from Deramores which i had bought earlier without any specific plans. But now used it to make this cute baby sweater set. 

This is made from a beautiful raspberry color Stylecraft Aran yarn. Tried to capture the exact color but they have not turned out great though. The sweater pattern is from HERE  and she has given an incredible explanation on how to make the arm holes too. This is the first wearable crochet i tried for baby apart from beanies. It turned out big as the Aran yarn was thicker.  The size is not for a newborn but anyways babies grow quite fast.. so i expect to use it till 6 months or so. 

And yeah the buttons that were brought from Pradhan Stores Mumbai.. And mixed some blue foor two rows as single color was looking too plain.

And the wonderful sock pattern is from HERE . Just follow the instructions blindly and you will end up with this cuties.. Initially it was confusing as i didn't do the stitch counts properly but once the counts are perfect the result is perfect too. The only disadvantage of this pattern is that you got to sew at the heel part which i don't like. Otherwise its an easy and quick pattern. 

The beanie pattern with ear flap is from HERE . By the way we can get hell lot of hat patterns from there.

So thats it for now.. And more baby stuff to come in the following days.

Happpy Hooking !!

With Love,

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cute Buttons !!!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing good.. and busy with their yarns and hooks. I did some shopping.. actually first time from the famous Pradhan Embroidery stores, Mumbai. I have heard a lot about that shop and lot of reviews and seen many of the blog friends buying stuff from them. Their facebook posts on the cute buttons would inspire anyone to buy them.

I was indeed in need of cute buttons for all the baby stuff i started crocheting.. and i could not really get good ones around any shops here. And moreover being in 9th month i am unable to roam around and search for them. So yay.. i ordered so many of them from Pradhan and here you go....

Pink Buttons
Green Buttons

Blue Buttons

White Buttons

Cream Buttons

Yellow Buttons
These are my favourites and already started using them.. :)

Thats it for now.. and actually i am very busy in completing some baby stuff and buttoning them so that i can post them soon :)

Happy hooking!!
With Love,

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Irish Rose Doily !!!

Hello Everyone!!

Today i am on cloud nine!! After 5 long months i have completed this rose doily finally. Really happy with the outcome. The roses were done and they were sleeping for a good amount of time. And one fine day i woke them up and attached them to the center piece. Ahh.. and then again they were resting for days..  i actually made some mistakes when tried the first leaf and then as im not happy with the outcome of it lost the interest to do the other leaves. 

But finally the time has come for the roses to come alive on the blog. A couple of days back tried again with the leaf and voila it came out perfect! And then no more procastinating.. all the remaining 9 leaves were also done and attached.

Now i am feeling i have to make more of these.. in different colors.. may be white, yellow or orange.. !!

Tried to take in many different backgrounds.. White, then yellow.. but nothing can replace a perfect black background.

I was first inspired by the rose doily by Sangeetha from Crochetkari. It was perfect and i could not take my eyes off. Then came across this blue roses from DIAPER MUM   . And now i have my own bunch or roses !!! :) :)

The pattern is from HERE.. crisp and clearr..  I used Anchor Knitting Cotton thread and size 1.6 mm hook. Could have used a little bigger than this. probably 2 mm but i lost it somewhere :(

And the best part is i am on my maternity leaves and enjoying/utilizing plenty of time in crocheting !  Thats where i am actually digging out the pending and WIPs and trying to completing it. Not sure whats next.. There are a couple more WIPs waiting for the ordered yarns to arrive to complete them. But only 8 more weeks to go for the baby to arrive and i am sure i wont care to reach my hook after that. :)
 So meet you all with those in the next post. 
Happy hooking and take care. 

With Love,

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pink Baby Bonnet !!!

Hello People!!

Hope everyone is fine!! I did miss this beautiful blog world for a while due to many reasons. And I am very happy to inform everyone there that im expecting baby in the end of October and that is the most important reason that kept me busy all these days (oops.. actually months) and i could not make any proper posts though i have many projects started and incomplete.. and a few completed. 

Motherhood is indeed a blessing and i am so happy for being one who is blessed. Just a few weeks left and i am eagerly waiting for the arrival for the new one. I have started the preparations already with few crochet works for him/her. Ahhhhh.. the fact that i am unaware that its a boy or girl makes it difficult to chose the yarn color :) Either it should be so pinkish or  bluish or greyish.. anyway i have chosen many wonderful patterns and they are waiting in queue to be made after the arrival of my prince / princess :)

Still so curious and could not wait for 10 more weeks, i made a cute bonnet in pink..  it looks really so girlish i know.. it is a very different and incredible feeling that couldnt be explained when i finished this bonnet.. i was so happy that i made something for him /her. :)

The pattern is from HERE

Bonnets are actually out of fashion and its very hard to find good patterns for bonnets except in some vintage links. There are hell lot of hat and beanie patterns but still bonnets are very cute when worn.


And thats not it.. i am also making few other bonnets in different patterns and sizes as i am not very sure which one would fit a newborn. I am also trying my hands on a baby cardigan and im so excited the way they are all turning out!!

Meet you all with all those completed baby projects soon. Take care and happy hooking!!

With Love,

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lacy Plum Scarf !!!

Hello All,

Hope everyone is having a great yarny day,, Its already end of July and the climate is turning out cold in Bangalore with some rains now and then.

I have been busy with couple of projects with the new yummy yarns from the Stylecraft Stash.. and one thing that is completed to be posted is this.. my new plum scarf.

 The pattern is very simple and quick and just took 2 100gm balls of yarn. I chose Plum color not for any reason but felt this would be right for the lacy look.

I had this pattern in my list since a long time and waited for the right yarn in right color to make this.
You can find the pattern HERE .

I feel so excited to wrap it around my neck and really feel that it has turned out well (at least for me).

That's my own mannequin... hee he :)

 And.. you have a got a lot of pictures this time in all angles..

 The original pattern didn't have any fringes. But I do like adding fringes to shawls and scarfs to give a complete look.. I was so lucky that I didn't run out of yarn and the two balls was enough exactly for the length of the scarf and the fringes as well.


 And everything at a glance...

I also started with a big blanket and few other stuff.. My new goal is to use all the left out bits and pieces of yarns in my stash since 2 years. Hope to complete them soon and post it.  

Till then everyone have a good health and keep posting all your wonderful crochet works.

Awaiting your comments on my scarf !!!

With Love,


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stash Stylecraft !!!

Hello Everyone..

Hope everyone is busy with their hook n thread and I can see that in the blogland. I am indeed writing after several weeks due to various reasons. My health was not great.. :( I shifted to a new job that are miles away from my home that makes me travel and tired as well. At the end of the day after reaching home the only thing I would like to do nowadays is sleeping and not crocheting.

Many of my WIPs are still WIPs only.. not sure when would I complete them. And moreover absolutely no patience for thread crochet and my doilies are all half way. Waiting for some magic to happen to finish my doilies.

The only one thing I did out of interest over all these busy weeks is buying yarn.. And yes who will be disinterested in shopping.. After seeing the lovely colors of DK stylecraft from deramores yarn at Sangeetha's Crochetkari I could not really resist myself. I had cravings for this yarn since months. But hubby always stopped me from buying as he was unsure if it would be delivered properly after facing a couple of issues with when I urged him to buy some colorful crochet hooks.

But once I was sure that it would reach India.. if it reached Ahmedabad to Sangeetha's home.. why not Bangalore.. and then went ahead and ordered some lovely colors.. Could not say No to any of the colors.. but as the first time I was still having fear of whether it would be delivered. So I restricted myself to the following colors.. :)

Why not a fresh colorful start after several weeks of blogging. It really boosts me to crochet even at the little leisure time left or makes me to find time as I could not wait to play around with these lovelies.. :)

Here we go..

Bottle, Teal and Turquoise
Raspberry, Fondant and Clematis
Denim, Graphite, Emperor
Burgundy and Purple

That's it for now. And hope I start playing with these yummy yarn soon. See you with my next post.. and till then happy hooking.

With Love,

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Floor Mat !!!

Hello Everyone!!
Hope everyone is doing great and busy with their own crochet works.. I have been very lazy for the past few weeks that none of my WIPs are complete and that I didn't post anything too :(
My health was also not so great and I didn't touch my hooks since many days.. but yes now and then i kept visiting your pages and your lovely works..
I made this mat last winter when the floor was really cold to step on with bare foot. I know im posting this indeed very late that summer has come and scorching.. Could not imagine days at Chennai with a scheduled power cut. :( Thank God at least I am at Bangalore.

I bought this yarn at Commercial Street Bangalore very long back.. It was very bulky but not so good quality to use it for a blanket or something wearable. So finally it resulted in this mat.. its soft to step in it.. and I have put it on my bedside as a runner..Even if not for others at home I personally like it there as I feel warm when I step out from my bed. :)

It was made of just DCs and with some holes in between as I thought it may become very stiff with a continuous pattern. Initially the plan was to make a perfect rectangle but then I felt I may run out of yarn and may not be able to complete the pattern properly and then i missed few rows on both sides and made it as step pattern :)
It measures around 6 X 3 ft long that it covers my bedside perfectly..  i liked the mix of coffee and beige too.. It took around 10 days to finish it.. but worth the time.
I don't know when all the WIP doilies will be completed.. its really tough to sit with doilies when you are already tired after a day's work.
See you all after some time with some thing new in the next post.. Till then everyone have a happy hooking time and good health.
With Love,

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Purple Pineapple Doily !!!

My Doily No.3

After making some doilies with Anchor Knitting cotton i moved on to more finer thread and tried my hands with Size 20 Anchor Crochet Cotton Thread in this beautiful purple.
Despite being naive in crocheting doilies i am happy and satisfied with the outcome of this size 20 thread. After all if not now then when would i work with thinner thread.. i know my eyes wont support me after some years to work with this thread.. im already straining them with almost 10 hours of computer screen, 2 hours of TV screen :(

I could still remember how i struggled and felt the pain in making my first ever doily. Though it was smaller in size with considerably fewer rows, i made mistakes at many places and ended up frogging many rows.. But now i feel good and would say making doily is definitely not rocket science.

Hubby asks (orders) me to wind up when im busy crocheting in the late nights with red watery eyes and suggest me not to spoil eyes when i tell him i ll just finish this row before sleep. Thats the addiction with doilies.. you always feel and have the urge to complete one more row always even if it can be done the next day. :)
I love those pineapples growing row by row.. Pine doilies are very traditional ones but  they are really adorable when they are done.. I had a second thought when i took this pattern which was waiting for me in the queue for quite a long time.. It was big..and with fine thread now.. whatif i make mistakes and it  doesnt turn up well.. i almost shed tears when i end up frogging.. its literally waste of time and energy.
But after having a look at NINU's DOILY done with the same pattern, i must say my confidence boosted up in starting this.. I even used her pictures for reference when i got some doubts in few rows..

I never tried with blocking doilies before.. the maximum i would do is just stretch them on bed and pin them using thumb pins.
But this time i did a blocking too with starch and the doily looked perfect (for me).I started it of planning to do it in a single color but felt it had a litle boring look and made the last two rows with bright yellow.. It really made a nice border..

And as said in my previous post.. the rose doily is in progress.. all roses are done and joined with the centerpiece too.,. i feel the most difficult part is making those leaves :( .Hope to  make rose doily my next post.. Till then everyone take care and happy hooking!!
With Love

Friday, 8 March 2013

Leibster Award on Women's Day !!!!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

A very very Happy Women's day  to each and every one out there! We are indeed blessed to be born as a woman.. !
Women's Day Celebrations was great at my office today with songs and dance.. And it was lovely to see many women in traditional attire.. after all we get to wear ethnic only on very few days in this corporate world.
One of my colleague was asking "why dont we have Men's Day?" . Oh yeah.. Men are not special they are just normal creation by God.. But Woman is a very special creation.. She has lot of special roles in life.. Daughter.. Sister.. Wife.. and the most special one.. Mother..!!!
My Women's day was made very special to me by Maria of Maria's Creations by nominating me for this wonderful Leibster Award.. This is my first ever Nomination and she made my day!!

Thanks Maria for nominating me and here are the questions she has put forward for me..
Which is your favourite movie?
Hmmm.. difficult one.. But i like animation movies a lot.. And my recent favourite one is "Tangled", I dont remember how many times i have watched it till now..
What was the best moment of your life?
Of Course.. My Marriage!!

Do you like animals?
Yess.. I love Puppies and Dogs.. We once had 6 Dogs and 8 Puppies at home.. That was lovely time where all puppies were roaming around the house.
Which is your favourite book?
2 States by Chetan Bhagat -  I relate it with the story of my marriage as me and hubby are from 2 different states and we dont have a common language other than English.
Do you like travelling?
Not much.. I like being at home with loved ones!
Which is your favourite place in the world?
My home.. sweet home!! 
And now its time for me to nominate 4 other lovely people and my questions for them are here..
Answer them and pass on the award to other 4 people..
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Lets shoot some interesting questions .. time to test my interrogation skills :)
1.When did you start crocheting and from where/whom did you learn crochet from ?
2.If given a lovely turquoise blue ball of yarn and given one hour what would you crochet?
3.What habit would you give up if asked to do so from today?
4. Whats your Work in Progress ?
5. Which one do you prefer.. Thread crochet or Yarn?
6. One school friend you are still in touch with - ?
With Love