Saturday, 26 January 2013

Men Beanie Hat !!!

Heyyyy All.. Its time for some beanies this time..        

After making some hats and shawls with girlish colors and flowers i badly needed a break from it and moved on to something grey.. My bro was asking since a long time a nice beanie for him after seeing the girl hats i made.. I will post the girl beanies in the next post..

Though in India its not that cold to use a beanie regularly, thought it would be useful during a early morning or late night drive..  And here they are..

 One went on my bro's head and another went as a B'day present to one of my dear friend.. but just heard that its not fitting his big head!!! More brain may be.. naah.. just more hair!!! :)

Before making this i tried several other beanie patterns but I was not happy with them and ended up in removing them several times. But this one.. is really simple and the shape turned out awesome..  Liz of Crochet in Color has written it easy and clear.. Find the pattern here

The left outs of cream yarn helped me to make those three elegant stripes for my beanie..

Actually had a second thought when it came to white and grey.. but liked that combination too when it was fully done..

Looks really nice on someone's head...

And some more hats of the same pattern in mid blue..

If you notice well, the last three rows of these blue beanies are a bit different and they make nice thin striped sekf design. I did  SC in the last three rows and only in the backloop of the chains.. and the frontloops make a thin stripe..  :)

I wish i would make more hats and give them away as gifts..

Right now giving more work for my eyes crocheting a biiggggg double pineapple doily in a nice blue, hope that would be my next week's post!

With  Love,

Saturday, 19 January 2013

My First Doily!

Hello All...

First time i tried my hands with thread crochet..very very tedious i must say.. hats off to all those doily (Ornamental Mat) lovers out there.. my eyes and fingers are gone for a toss really..

I wonder how Linda has been working on doilies for all these years.. You can get a lot of wonderful patterns from here (Linda's Crochet)

And after a really hard work straining my eyes this is what i achieved at..Pretty one.. Im really proud of my result!!

The original patterns was taken from Priscilla's Crochet. And all beginners who want to try this please visit her page.. she has lot of patterns easy for a beginner to try out.

I used anchor Knitting Cotton thread.. and a 1.25mm hook.Thanks to Sangeetha of Crochetkari for suggesting me the source to get this crochet thread..

I spent the last weekend roaming the streets of Bangalore Market to get some crochet supplies.. threads etc.. But Pony Online Craft Store made my work easy with a prompt delivery of all i needed..

Here is the doily in progress.. with the picot edging only half done..

And a closer look of it...
See you all with my next post.. there are hell lot of other patterns waiting for me in the queue to crochet them.. Wish i get more time to crochet daily.. !!

With Love,


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Lacy Shawl !

Hellloo All.. I am back again with the post for this week.. Hope everyone enjoyed your Sankranthi (Pongal) festival with sweets and especially  the loooonnggg weekends!!!

This time i present to you all this soft pink shawl!!!!!! I know it looks too girliee.. Girls just loveeee anhything in Pink..

The pattern is same all over and crocheting it was quite monotonous.. but the result was really awesome..

I gifted this to my dear friend Brinda and what remains with me is only the below pictures of it. I hope it keeps her warm enough and reminds me whenever she wraps it around her!!!

And this time the credit goes to my friend Srinivas for sending me the yarn from London to complete this shawl when i actually ran out of yarn when the shawl was only half done :)  Thanks a lot Srini!

The pattern was taken from here .. and its a pretty easy pattern to crochet..

Stitches used : Slip St, Sc, DC, and an easy fringe at the ends.

Yarn Used - Wilko DK Baby Pink 3 Balls of 100 gm each..

Here is the close look at the pattern..Beautiful small shell patterns... Isn't it!!!!!!!

And all my buddies who are very eager to learn this art .. watch out my next post where all the basics of crocheting will be discussed with nice links.

See you all again next week... Till then take care... Happy Hooking!!!!!!!!

With Love,

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Small Blanket

Hello All!!!!!! Im so happppyyy today to write my very first blog and share my crochet works with you all... more to share... more to learn.. My inspiration to crochet came from the most adorable crochet works of Lucy from Attic24 !!! Thank you Lucy !

I made this small cute soft baby blanket months ago... but got to share with you all only today..

The original pattern was taken from here .. though the colors used in the original pattern were so appealing.. i could not get the same :(
But thanks to my friend Suresh who brought all the three light shades of Blue, Lemon Yellow and Pink.

I just followed the pattern blindly and it came out soooo well...

Yarn Used : Wilko Yarn DK Baby Blue 857 2 balls 100gm each
                     Wilko Yarn DK Baby Lemon 254  1 ball 100 gm each
                     Wilko Yarn DK Baby Pink 898 2 balls 100 gm each

Hope you liked it...!!!!!!!! See you soon with my next post.. till then take care and happy hooking all!!!!!!!

With Love,