Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lacy Plum Scarf !!!

Hello All,

Hope everyone is having a great yarny day,, Its already end of July and the climate is turning out cold in Bangalore with some rains now and then.

I have been busy with couple of projects with the new yummy yarns from the Stylecraft Stash.. and one thing that is completed to be posted is this.. my new plum scarf.

 The pattern is very simple and quick and just took 2 100gm balls of yarn. I chose Plum color not for any reason but felt this would be right for the lacy look.

I had this pattern in my list since a long time and waited for the right yarn in right color to make this.
You can find the pattern HERE .

I feel so excited to wrap it around my neck and really feel that it has turned out well (at least for me).

That's my own mannequin... hee he :)

 And.. you have a got a lot of pictures this time in all angles..

 The original pattern didn't have any fringes. But I do like adding fringes to shawls and scarfs to give a complete look.. I was so lucky that I didn't run out of yarn and the two balls was enough exactly for the length of the scarf and the fringes as well.


 And everything at a glance...

I also started with a big blanket and few other stuff.. My new goal is to use all the left out bits and pieces of yarns in my stash since 2 years. Hope to complete them soon and post it.  

Till then everyone have a good health and keep posting all your wonderful crochet works.

Awaiting your comments on my scarf !!!

With Love,



  1. looks perfect with gorgeous colour and great finishing

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    2. Thanks Nima..!

  2. Love it - the colour is gorgeous and the fringe looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks for stopping by..and thank you for the wonderful pattern too!

  3. wow! I love this. the colour n pattern works really well and i think you did it perfectly

  4. Wow.. its just beautiful :-) Enjoyed reading you blog.. I would like to know where can I fin crochet yarn in Blore.. Thanks a ton :-)

  5. Love the scarf but the instructions are very hard to understand, especially for us novices. Is there any way that the instuctions can be given for us American crocheters?