Saturday, 19 January 2013

My First Doily!

Hello All...

First time i tried my hands with thread crochet..very very tedious i must say.. hats off to all those doily (Ornamental Mat) lovers out there.. my eyes and fingers are gone for a toss really..

I wonder how Linda has been working on doilies for all these years.. You can get a lot of wonderful patterns from here (Linda's Crochet)

And after a really hard work straining my eyes this is what i achieved at..Pretty one.. Im really proud of my result!!

The original patterns was taken from Priscilla's Crochet. And all beginners who want to try this please visit her page.. she has lot of patterns easy for a beginner to try out.

I used anchor Knitting Cotton thread.. and a 1.25mm hook.Thanks to Sangeetha of Crochetkari for suggesting me the source to get this crochet thread..

I spent the last weekend roaming the streets of Bangalore Market to get some crochet supplies.. threads etc.. But Pony Online Craft Store made my work easy with a prompt delivery of all i needed..

Here is the doily in progress.. with the picot edging only half done..

And a closer look of it...
See you all with my next post.. there are hell lot of other patterns waiting for me in the queue to crochet them.. Wish i get more time to crochet daily.. !!

With Love,


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  1. S♥ wonderful!! It's really worth all the effort, great job :-)