Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Irish Rose Doily !!!

Hello Everyone!!

Today i am on cloud nine!! After 5 long months i have completed this rose doily finally. Really happy with the outcome. The roses were done and they were sleeping for a good amount of time. And one fine day i woke them up and attached them to the center piece. Ahh.. and then again they were resting for days..  i actually made some mistakes when tried the first leaf and then as im not happy with the outcome of it lost the interest to do the other leaves. 

But finally the time has come for the roses to come alive on the blog. A couple of days back tried again with the leaf and voila it came out perfect! And then no more procastinating.. all the remaining 9 leaves were also done and attached.

Now i am feeling i have to make more of these.. in different colors.. may be white, yellow or orange.. !!

Tried to take in many different backgrounds.. White, then yellow.. but nothing can replace a perfect black background.

I was first inspired by the rose doily by Sangeetha from Crochetkari. It was perfect and i could not take my eyes off. Then came across this blue roses from DIAPER MUM   . And now i have my own bunch or roses !!! :) :)

The pattern is from HERE.. crisp and clearr..  I used Anchor Knitting Cotton thread and size 1.6 mm hook. Could have used a little bigger than this. probably 2 mm but i lost it somewhere :(

And the best part is i am on my maternity leaves and enjoying/utilizing plenty of time in crocheting !  Thats where i am actually digging out the pending and WIPs and trying to completing it. Not sure whats next.. There are a couple more WIPs waiting for the ordered yarns to arrive to complete them. But only 8 more weeks to go for the baby to arrive and i am sure i wont care to reach my hook after that. :)
 So meet you all with those in the next post. 
Happy hooking and take care. 

With Love,


  1. Hi, Pavi! Wonderful doily, and really great job!
    Happy to know you are expecting a baby! Wishing you all the best, and I hope you would still have some time for your favorite crafts :)

    1. Thanks Anna,,, Yes i wish i would could spare some time post my delivery!! :)

  2. Hi Pavi.... happy to know that soon you'll have a baby to cuddle. Its a great experience... a beautiful journey.

    The doily has come out so well. Its neat too. Take care and don't strain yourself because, crocheting certain projects does need lot of concentration.

    All the best dear

    1. Thanks Aishwarya... !!

  3. Beautiful. I have bookmarked the pattern and I will show u mine one day.

  4. Beautiful. I have bookmarked the pattern and I will show u mine one day.

    1. Thanks Shami, Waiting to see your roses too :)

  5. Hi Pavi, the doily is just beautiful and the roses are gorgeous. Love the deep red colour. Yes, projects which involve joining many small items can be quite boring. But once completed they are a joy to behold. I just came back from Mumbai yesterday. Bought tons of yarn which I will share soon. Thanks for the link back to my blog. Guess what!... my birthday is on 10th September.

  6. wohoo.. inspired by your rose doily and finally my roses came alive on blog on your birthday.. what a conincidence!! this post is dedicated to your b'day.. anyway belated birthday wishes.. waiting to see your yarn.. i have orderd some cute buttons from mumbai.. waiting for the parcel :)

  7. Wonderful and Lovely doily.
    Nice you have tried in Knitting cotton. I just made a doily will share soon in blog and my finger almost got a hole :-) bcoz of the sharp hook.
    I'm so happy for you and wish you a happy and safe delivery. Enjoy this time as it is very difficult to get the same period in the next 20 years.
    Take enough rest also. :-)
    Good Luck

  8. Your doily looks very pretty!! I crochet a bit tight so I use 2.5 or 2.75 mm with anchor knitting cotton. Gives less stress on my wrist and palm since I am used to crochet with needle without handle.
    All the best for your delivery!! Take care:)