Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ripple Cushion 2

Hello Everyone,

Its Ripply time again.. And here is my second ripple cushion. this time i didnt have to stuff anything and just bought  a nice coverless cushion and crocheted this ripple cover for it...

I had lots and lots of yarn in my staff remained from all other projects..  Here is the look of the small balls of left out yarns of different colors.. When i was thinking for what to do with them, came to mind was a yarn bag.. so just started of to make a rectangle with all the left outs and each color hardly was sufficient for two rows.

And thats my ripple rectangle with a mix of all colors..

With Lucy's technique i made the ripples to a smooth finish and form a neat rectangle.. i thought of  joining  them and attach handles and also make a oval/rectangle base to form a bag.. but i was not happy with this idea and the colors too didnt satisfy me..After all it was made of just left outs.

I joined the two  ends of the rectangle only at the edges and kept some buttons and loops  in between to make the cover removable from the cushion so that i can wash it now and then.

After sliding the cover in the cushion just crocheted the ends joining them together with a hot pink and as usual gave a nice shell edging too...:)

Thats the end product.. Im really happy with it.. especially because my left outs didnt go waste and made a warm cushion... And the other one is my first Rippe Cushion i made a couple of weeks back..

Made some thread shopping this week and loaded my stash.. will show then in next post.. :)

So i will be busy with the new threads making some doilies.. Long time i have an eye on the beautiful rose doily made by some of other crochet friends.. Wish i get some more time daily to make them.. :)

Have a happy hooking time... will keep visiting your pages in my little free time.

With Love



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