Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stash Stylecraft !!!

Hello Everyone..

Hope everyone is busy with their hook n thread and I can see that in the blogland. I am indeed writing after several weeks due to various reasons. My health was not great.. :( I shifted to a new job that are miles away from my home that makes me travel and tired as well. At the end of the day after reaching home the only thing I would like to do nowadays is sleeping and not crocheting.

Many of my WIPs are still WIPs only.. not sure when would I complete them. And moreover absolutely no patience for thread crochet and my doilies are all half way. Waiting for some magic to happen to finish my doilies.

The only one thing I did out of interest over all these busy weeks is buying yarn.. And yes who will be disinterested in shopping.. After seeing the lovely colors of DK stylecraft from deramores yarn at Sangeetha's Crochetkari I could not really resist myself. I had cravings for this yarn since months. But hubby always stopped me from buying as he was unsure if it would be delivered properly after facing a couple of issues with when I urged him to buy some colorful crochet hooks.

But once I was sure that it would reach India.. if it reached Ahmedabad to Sangeetha's home.. why not Bangalore.. and then went ahead and ordered some lovely colors.. Could not say No to any of the colors.. but as the first time I was still having fear of whether it would be delivered. So I restricted myself to the following colors.. :)

Why not a fresh colorful start after several weeks of blogging. It really boosts me to crochet even at the little leisure time left or makes me to find time as I could not wait to play around with these lovelies.. :)

Here we go..

Bottle, Teal and Turquoise
Raspberry, Fondant and Clematis
Denim, Graphite, Emperor
Burgundy and Purple

That's it for now. And hope I start playing with these yummy yarn soon. See you with my next post.. and till then happy hooking.

With Love,