Thursday, 14 February 2013

Puffy Crochet Heart !!!

Hello People..

A very Happy Valentines Day to everyone.. A day to express your love and show how much your soulmate means to you. Its true that he /she is always special and many people consider Valentine's day as just another day. But do we really take some time in our busy schedule to tell our loved ones how much we love them.. Its a no obviously.. i see this day as a special day to tell him how much he means to me.
I hurried from office yesterday evening so that i could make something special for him. But my mind was blank and initially i thought of crocheting some roses and thought they would remain fresh forever. And then came to my mind this idea of making a puffy heart.

After surfing for sometime for an easy procedure to complete it soon before he would know, i finaly reached THIS page. I must say the idea  and the steps given was really easy and i quickly started following them. Luckily i has a skein of red yarn in my stash but wasted around 15 mins to wind them to a ball.
Here are my two squares and four semi circles..

And the pieces of heart before sewing them together..

Here we go.. after attaching the pieces together and sewing the two hearts together to form a pouch
with a small opening at the bottom to stuff the fiber material

And this was the cute puffy heart stuffed and sewed.

It was indeed cute but was more plain and something was missing. so i made a row of shells at the junction where it was sewed.. it not only made the heart look beautiful but also helped to hide the stitch.

I made two more small hearts in white.. this simple pattern to make a small and medium heart motif was taken from HERE and stitched the white hearts to them.

 But that was even looking plain with a hole at the centre.. so quickly picked this rose earrings and pinned them in the centre of these little hearts.

And wowww.. a bow with a satin ribbon and thats it.. my gift is ready.. I was really excited with the result.. and voila the clock struck 4 am.. guess what it was a total surprise for my hubby as i was doing all these when he was asleep.

In the morning hubby as sooo happy to see the gift and he kept on telling me that it came out so well.
The whole night work paid off.. and had a good sleep till noon.. and hubby dear prepared both breakfast and Lunch.. woke up to have hot lunch and flew to office..:)
And Now it has got a decent seat at my home along with few other friends Mr.Teddy, Little Dino and Dragon..

We really feel happy when we gift someone and that too if thats made by us!! And thats how my Valentine's day this year passed. See you all soon in next post.. Till then Love.. unconditionally.. Live Happily!!

With Love,


  1. Very nice. And neat work. Really sweet of you to sit up the night and make it.

  2. Hi, Pavi!
    I'm so happy to see your cute made-with-love puffy heart! It looks fabulous, I liked those tiny white hearts too, very nice detail.
    Wishing you loads of love not only on V's day, but always!

  3. Thank you Anna!! Wishing you tooo love and happiness throughout the yearr!!

  4. Loved your puffy heart with cute finishing!

  5. lovely gift.... and thank you for the pattern