Monday, 11 February 2013

Beanies Again!

Hello Lovely People..

I know its been a long gap i posted something.. Actually i was trying my hands out on multiple things at a time and nothing is complete for whatsoever reasons..

I started my double pineapple doily and i ran out of out of thread with few more rows still pending... Feeling lazy and also not that free to step out to buy the same thread...

And a warm welcome to all my new followers.. Thanks a lot for visiting, appreciating and encouraging me to crochet more and more..

Sangeetha of Crochetkari  - Experienced crocheter.. always creates something that is really useful in our day to day life.. Purses.. Coasters.. Mitts.. Shawls.. Nice ones..

Aishwarya of Aishwarya's World - Where you can find stuff more than just crochet.. Versatile blogger indeed...

Maria of Maria's Creation - Beautiful doilies and more....

Anna of Hindustanka's Sunny Indian Days  - Another versatile and colorful blogger..

Encourage one another - Hmm.. not able to reach this blog..

Also i made lot of other beanies in various colors in the past couple of weeks...  one for my sweet hubby.. and another for my bro and few other friends.. Here the are..

Each of them are of different patterns.. some are made only wiith Sc.. somw only with Dc,. and some with Hdc.. and one with a mix of shells too... the sizes also vary from adult to kid.. :)

Guess what.. I also made something useful last weekend.. My hubby's rotating chair's arms were looking ugly with the upper layer torn.. thought of crocheting something to cover it up. This is what i made for it..
and this is how it was looking so awful before.. My cover made it soft and warm enough to rest the arms :) :) :)
 And thats not over yet.. For no reason i made some sweets.. A sweet that brings a smile on everyone's face.. and makes mouth watery.. Gulab Jamunssss..  My hubby loves it.. and can eat in no limits..

 I hope i ll finish all my pending crochets and make new posts in the coming weeks.. till then eat well.. stay healthy and happy hooking!!

With Love,


  1. Hi, Pavi! Great to hear from you!
    Your absence in blogland was fulfilled with so many lovely projects you made! Wow, so many beanies, I know it's very fun to make them ;)
    Those crocheted covers for chair's arms is such a great idea! love it!
    oh don't tell me, my husband, as a real Indian, can never resist having 1-2 gulaab jamuns! However I find them too sweet :) I like laddus more;)

    1. Thank you Anna! I wish i could i make some laddus and send them to you.. or atleast show some pics :P :P

  2. hi Pavi
    Beautiful crochet covers for the arms of your husband chair and mouth watering gulab jamuns

    1. Thank you Maria... !!

  3. Thanks Pavi for reminding me about gulab jamuns. Must make them today as it is Valentine's Day tom. :)

    1. Yes Sangeetha.. but now i should think of something else to make tomo.. anyway have a great valentines day..!!

  4. Hi Dear

    My mouth is watering. I so love Gulab Jamuns mmm.... I must make them now.
    Liked your idea of crocheting covers for the handle rests. They look so neat now. Happy Valentine's Day to you

    1. Thanks you Aishwarya!! Happy Valentines day to you as well!

  5. Hi there! I was looking for a crochet pattern for an armrest, and I stumbled upon your blog. It's exactly what I need for the peeling arm rest part of this chair. Would you be so kind to post the pattern you devised? THANK YOU!!