Saturday, 26 January 2013

Men Beanie Hat !!!

Heyyyy All.. Its time for some beanies this time..        

After making some hats and shawls with girlish colors and flowers i badly needed a break from it and moved on to something grey.. My bro was asking since a long time a nice beanie for him after seeing the girl hats i made.. I will post the girl beanies in the next post..

Though in India its not that cold to use a beanie regularly, thought it would be useful during a early morning or late night drive..  And here they are..

 One went on my bro's head and another went as a B'day present to one of my dear friend.. but just heard that its not fitting his big head!!! More brain may be.. naah.. just more hair!!! :)

Before making this i tried several other beanie patterns but I was not happy with them and ended up in removing them several times. But this one.. is really simple and the shape turned out awesome..  Liz of Crochet in Color has written it easy and clear.. Find the pattern here

The left outs of cream yarn helped me to make those three elegant stripes for my beanie..

Actually had a second thought when it came to white and grey.. but liked that combination too when it was fully done..

Looks really nice on someone's head...

And some more hats of the same pattern in mid blue..

If you notice well, the last three rows of these blue beanies are a bit different and they make nice thin striped sekf design. I did  SC in the last three rows and only in the backloop of the chains.. and the frontloops make a thin stripe..  :)

I wish i would make more hats and give them away as gifts..

Right now giving more work for my eyes crocheting a biiggggg double pineapple doily in a nice blue, hope that would be my next week's post!

With  Love,


  1. Welcome to blogland. You'd enjoy your journey here and am sure would make many friends. I liked your projects. Cute and nice. Managing to crochet in spare time is a great way to relax and destress for people who love it. So great going.