Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stash Burst !!!

Hello Everyone..
Hope all are doing good... Dont ask me.. Ecstatic...Yippeeeee .. I filled my stash with new threads in amazing colors...  Everything is  of Anchor Knitting Cotton and Crochet Cotton..

Wowww.. Yellowss.. Redsss.. Maroon,, Greens.. Mint.. Blueessssss.. 

Red, Green and Purple
Some Varegated, Browns, tans, green and yellow, oranges in 20 Size

Ha ha.. some planning for the Rose Doily is going on here.. still confused which color to choose...

Hmmm... i am behaving like a child who got candys in different colors... :)

Now its time to hook and also to strain the eyes with the thinner thread to make doilies..

Take care and await my next posts with some doilies...

With Love,

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ripple Cushion 2

Hello Everyone,

Its Ripply time again.. And here is my second ripple cushion. this time i didnt have to stuff anything and just bought  a nice coverless cushion and crocheted this ripple cover for it...

I had lots and lots of yarn in my staff remained from all other projects..  Here is the look of the small balls of left out yarns of different colors.. When i was thinking for what to do with them, came to mind was a yarn bag.. so just started of to make a rectangle with all the left outs and each color hardly was sufficient for two rows.

And thats my ripple rectangle with a mix of all colors..

With Lucy's technique i made the ripples to a smooth finish and form a neat rectangle.. i thought of  joining  them and attach handles and also make a oval/rectangle base to form a bag.. but i was not happy with this idea and the colors too didnt satisfy me..After all it was made of just left outs.

I joined the two  ends of the rectangle only at the edges and kept some buttons and loops  in between to make the cover removable from the cushion so that i can wash it now and then.

After sliding the cover in the cushion just crocheted the ends joining them together with a hot pink and as usual gave a nice shell edging too...:)

Thats the end product.. Im really happy with it.. especially because my left outs didnt go waste and made a warm cushion... And the other one is my first Rippe Cushion i made a couple of weeks back..

Made some thread shopping this week and loaded my stash.. will show then in next post.. :)

So i will be busy with the new threads making some doilies.. Long time i have an eye on the beautiful rose doily made by some of other crochet friends.. Wish i get some more time daily to make them.. :)

Have a happy hooking time... will keep visiting your pages in my little free time.

With Love



Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ripple Cushion!!!

Hello Ladies!!!!
Hope all are doing great!! Past couple of days i have been visiting many amazing blogs and had saved some wonderful patterns in queue..i wish i could dedicate more time to crochet.. :(
And thanks to some wonderful people who stopped by and became my new followers...
I had some old yarn lying in my stash for a long time and finally it was the day to give them life in the form of beautiful ripples.. I have made a small ripple BLANKET in the past but the pattern is somewhat different and the ripples had a sharp edge and not wavy.. But this one is nice and wavy and who else can explain it well other than LUCY... just followed her and got my cute lovely ripples  in three colors.. candy pink, aqua green and navy blue..
I had very limited yarn of these colors that is really less for a small blanket or throw.. so then i decided to make a cushion.. also i had some left out fiber fill after making the PUFFY CROCHET HEART .
Here is the completed cushion cover sewed and also gave my usual touch of beautiful shell edges.. i just love 'em.. shells add beauty to watever we make...
I stuffed the fiber fill in a normal white cloth and then covered it with my ripple cover.. I also attached some snap fasteners at the back..
Hmmmm.. and now my old cushions have got a colorful new friend..
Got some plans of shopping yarn this week... Wish hubby dear is free to take me out and be patient with me to choose some nice colors.. :P
Feel like days are passing very fast this year.. Its only less than 10 days for the end of second month and summer is about to begin.. im happy atleast im in Bangalore.. Pity my parents in Chennai.. Know what...Chennai has only three seasons.. hot.. hotter and hottest... :)

Last week i was chatting with my new friend and when sharing each other's interest i mentioned about my love for Gujarati food..  i felt like eating them since then.. And yes.. prepared this soft puffy KAMAN DHOKLA .. Hot dhoklas with green chutney.. nothing else could replace them on a late evening.
And thats it for now.. till then take care.. happy hooking and love to see your posts..
With Love,

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Puffy Crochet Heart !!!

Hello People..

A very Happy Valentines Day to everyone.. A day to express your love and show how much your soulmate means to you. Its true that he /she is always special and many people consider Valentine's day as just another day. But do we really take some time in our busy schedule to tell our loved ones how much we love them.. Its a no obviously.. i see this day as a special day to tell him how much he means to me.
I hurried from office yesterday evening so that i could make something special for him. But my mind was blank and initially i thought of crocheting some roses and thought they would remain fresh forever. And then came to my mind this idea of making a puffy heart.

After surfing for sometime for an easy procedure to complete it soon before he would know, i finaly reached THIS page. I must say the idea  and the steps given was really easy and i quickly started following them. Luckily i has a skein of red yarn in my stash but wasted around 15 mins to wind them to a ball.
Here are my two squares and four semi circles..

And the pieces of heart before sewing them together..

Here we go.. after attaching the pieces together and sewing the two hearts together to form a pouch
with a small opening at the bottom to stuff the fiber material

And this was the cute puffy heart stuffed and sewed.

It was indeed cute but was more plain and something was missing. so i made a row of shells at the junction where it was sewed.. it not only made the heart look beautiful but also helped to hide the stitch.

I made two more small hearts in white.. this simple pattern to make a small and medium heart motif was taken from HERE and stitched the white hearts to them.

 But that was even looking plain with a hole at the centre.. so quickly picked this rose earrings and pinned them in the centre of these little hearts.

And wowww.. a bow with a satin ribbon and thats it.. my gift is ready.. I was really excited with the result.. and voila the clock struck 4 am.. guess what it was a total surprise for my hubby as i was doing all these when he was asleep.

In the morning hubby as sooo happy to see the gift and he kept on telling me that it came out so well.
The whole night work paid off.. and had a good sleep till noon.. and hubby dear prepared both breakfast and Lunch.. woke up to have hot lunch and flew to office..:)
And Now it has got a decent seat at my home along with few other friends Mr.Teddy, Little Dino and Dragon..

We really feel happy when we gift someone and that too if thats made by us!! And thats how my Valentine's day this year passed. See you all soon in next post.. Till then Love.. unconditionally.. Live Happily!!

With Love,

Monday, 11 February 2013

Beanies Again!

Hello Lovely People..

I know its been a long gap i posted something.. Actually i was trying my hands out on multiple things at a time and nothing is complete for whatsoever reasons..

I started my double pineapple doily and i ran out of out of thread with few more rows still pending... Feeling lazy and also not that free to step out to buy the same thread...

And a warm welcome to all my new followers.. Thanks a lot for visiting, appreciating and encouraging me to crochet more and more..

Sangeetha of Crochetkari  - Experienced crocheter.. always creates something that is really useful in our day to day life.. Purses.. Coasters.. Mitts.. Shawls.. Nice ones..

Aishwarya of Aishwarya's World - Where you can find stuff more than just crochet.. Versatile blogger indeed...

Maria of Maria's Creation - Beautiful doilies and more....

Anna of Hindustanka's Sunny Indian Days  - Another versatile and colorful blogger..

Encourage one another - Hmm.. not able to reach this blog..

Also i made lot of other beanies in various colors in the past couple of weeks...  one for my sweet hubby.. and another for my bro and few other friends.. Here the are..

Each of them are of different patterns.. some are made only wiith Sc.. somw only with Dc,. and some with Hdc.. and one with a mix of shells too... the sizes also vary from adult to kid.. :)

Guess what.. I also made something useful last weekend.. My hubby's rotating chair's arms were looking ugly with the upper layer torn.. thought of crocheting something to cover it up. This is what i made for it..
and this is how it was looking so awful before.. My cover made it soft and warm enough to rest the arms :) :) :)
 And thats not over yet.. For no reason i made some sweets.. A sweet that brings a smile on everyone's face.. and makes mouth watery.. Gulab Jamunssss..  My hubby loves it.. and can eat in no limits..

 I hope i ll finish all my pending crochets and make new posts in the coming weeks.. till then eat well.. stay healthy and happy hooking!!

With Love,