Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pink Baby Bonnet !!!

Hello People!!

Hope everyone is fine!! I did miss this beautiful blog world for a while due to many reasons. And I am very happy to inform everyone there that im expecting baby in the end of October and that is the most important reason that kept me busy all these days (oops.. actually months) and i could not make any proper posts though i have many projects started and incomplete.. and a few completed. 

Motherhood is indeed a blessing and i am so happy for being one who is blessed. Just a few weeks left and i am eagerly waiting for the arrival for the new one. I have started the preparations already with few crochet works for him/her. Ahhhhh.. the fact that i am unaware that its a boy or girl makes it difficult to chose the yarn color :) Either it should be so pinkish or  bluish or greyish.. anyway i have chosen many wonderful patterns and they are waiting in queue to be made after the arrival of my prince / princess :)

Still so curious and could not wait for 10 more weeks, i made a cute bonnet in pink..  it looks really so girlish i know.. it is a very different and incredible feeling that couldnt be explained when i finished this bonnet.. i was so happy that i made something for him /her. :)

The pattern is from HERE

Bonnets are actually out of fashion and its very hard to find good patterns for bonnets except in some vintage links. There are hell lot of hat and beanie patterns but still bonnets are very cute when worn.


And thats not it.. i am also making few other bonnets in different patterns and sizes as i am not very sure which one would fit a newborn. I am also trying my hands on a baby cardigan and im so excited the way they are all turning out!!

Meet you all with all those completed baby projects soon. Take care and happy hooking!!

With Love,


  1. Congrats, All the Best and my best wishes.
    I'm very happy for you :-)
    Enjoy crocheting for the little one , once she/he arrives you will be super busy to even find the hook :-)

    Take care.

    1. THanks..Yeah very true.. thats why started now itself..!!

  2. Hey Pavi.....Congratulations. Sending my best wishes to you. One more reason to crochet...Yay! As if we need a reason to crochet...haha.

    1. Thanks Sangeetha,.. We actually dont need a reason to crochet.. but this reason restricts me from crocheting other stuff other than baby ones :)

  3. Congrats. Really our joy knew no bounds if we make something for our loved ones especially for our kids.

  4. Congrats. Really our joy knew no bounds if we make something for our loved ones especially for our kids.