Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Floor Mat !!!

Hello Everyone!!
Hope everyone is doing great and busy with their own crochet works.. I have been very lazy for the past few weeks that none of my WIPs are complete and that I didn't post anything too :(
My health was also not so great and I didn't touch my hooks since many days.. but yes now and then i kept visiting your pages and your lovely works..
I made this mat last winter when the floor was really cold to step on with bare foot. I know im posting this indeed very late that summer has come and scorching.. Could not imagine days at Chennai with a scheduled power cut. :( Thank God at least I am at Bangalore.

I bought this yarn at Commercial Street Bangalore very long back.. It was very bulky but not so good quality to use it for a blanket or something wearable. So finally it resulted in this mat.. its soft to step in it.. and I have put it on my bedside as a runner..Even if not for others at home I personally like it there as I feel warm when I step out from my bed. :)

It was made of just DCs and with some holes in between as I thought it may become very stiff with a continuous pattern. Initially the plan was to make a perfect rectangle but then I felt I may run out of yarn and may not be able to complete the pattern properly and then i missed few rows on both sides and made it as step pattern :)
It measures around 6 X 3 ft long that it covers my bedside perfectly..  i liked the mix of coffee and beige too.. It took around 10 days to finish it.. but worth the time.
I don't know when all the WIP doilies will be completed.. its really tough to sit with doilies when you are already tired after a day's work.
See you all after some time with some thing new in the next post.. Till then everyone have a happy hooking time and good health.
With Love,


  1. Your mat looks very nice and this shape has given a stylish look rather than simple rectangle. :) you did a great job within 10 days! I hope you had food and sleep too ;) don't worry abt WIPs ..they keep piling up...just target only one to complete every month rather than all.

  2. The mat is very beautiful. I love the colour combination too. I have doily too in my WIP list. I can understand how exactly you feel after a long days work. Its get more difficult if thread is used. but hats off to you for having completed it in just 10 days. Good job!!