Monday, 27 January 2014

Yellow Baby Set !!!

Hello Everyone !

Hope all is well with everyone. Finally i got some time to post the baby crochet stuff.. 
After searching the net for hell lot of times, i shortlisted many baby patterns to crochet. And finally arrived at three wonderful links for the cardi, hat and sock pattern.

And here is my result.. very happy with it.. cant wait to put it on my newborn.  I think the sizes are a little big for a newborn but yeah we know how fast babies grow.  

I used the yarn i ordered from Pony craft store, its Hosgeldin which is originally from Turkey. I love this yarn for its softness and its wonderful to work with. But the only bad part is its indeed costly. 

This cardi pattern is from here.

Sock pattern is from HERE .. wonderfully explained.

SO happy to show you this sweater that i made for my new born. He is very comfortable in it.. !

See you soon with next post hopefully!
Take care n happy hooking


  1. Hi Pavi

    Congratulations to you. The set has turned out well. Right time... this being winter. What have you named the prince?

    Take care

  2. He is named "Vivaan Sriram"

  3. Hi Paavi! So glad to see your baby's new clothing set! And wow, so great to know that you still have time to crochet and blog a little! :) I am expecting my first child in 4 months, so seeing you I hope I will also resume my hobbies in a while after his birth :) Take care!!

    1. Happy to know that you are expecting baby... !!!Congratulations Anna!

  4. What a sweet set! Well done :-). All the best for you and the baby, and Happy Easter!